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DIY Tube Audio
My Preveous Systems


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My system is in a constant state of evolution.  Here are a few recent examples.

Well, yesterdays version at least.


The ribbon tweeters are very dynamic and have a nicely controlled radiation pattern.  I may have to try horns next to see how they compare.
Biamping lets the SET amp really work at its best.

This sound system is dedicated to the playback of LPs.  There is no cd player, tuner, or home theatre.  I may or may not add any of those components in the future but for now I am happy spinning vinyl.

The front end is a Music Hall MMF2.1 turntable.  This plays into a tube phonostage.  A passive crossover feeds a Push Pull EL84 bass amp, and a Single Ended 6336A Satillite amp.
Bass speakers use 8" MCM woofers in a ported enclosure.  The satillites use 5 1/4" fullrange Galaxy Audio drivers and 7" Dayton Audio ribbon tweeters in a Tapered Quarter Wave Pipe.


Preveous amps include a Single Ended amp using EL34s wired as triodes, and a Push-Pull 6336A amp.
The Bass enclosures are actually 2 way speakers and have been used full range, with the 6336A push-pull amp and the EL84 amp.  I have also tried the woofers in transmission line enclosures.
The Music Hall turntable replaced a Technics SL-BD 20 with a DC motor.  I had to convert that one to battery power to reduce hum from the cartridge.




Young vinyl addict

This is the younger of my two boys.  As you can see he finds tubes very boreing.  He'll learn.