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Sam's Autism Page and Social Stories
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PLEASE NOTE: The autism advertising at the bottom is simply advertising and does not connote any endorsement from the author of this site.

Here are some links to sites specifically about Social Stories.  Carol Gray has also written several books about Social Stories that you might like.

Here's a link to an actual Social Story, so you can see what one looks like.

Here are some really good autism sites.  The first site has the best links on autism on the web, that I know of.'s homepage in your state! societies all over the world! good introduction to PECS of the most informative newsletters on autism I have seen.'s page-from a parent's perspective site about homeschooling special needs kids planet syndrome. good place if you're new to the "A" word

A place to exchange ideas, find out more and get support. Be sure to check out the autistichat link on the link page.

Some good sites on various Treatments of treatments's info on gluten free/casein free diet


Fun Things to Do With Your Kid out the emotions face! for kids

Some excellent sites on Sensory Integration Dysfuntion,
    a common problem in Autism Related Disorders

An overview of SID/DSI

Marie's Sensory Integration Site--excellent

An explanation of Snoezelen, or sensory, rooms

A beautiful example of a Snoezelen room