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Sam's Autism Page and Social Stories
Airplane Trip
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We started this story for an airplane trip to my dad's. We've modified it since then for other stories.
My original story had pictures but it was removed.  Probably because I had 'borrowed' the pics from other sites.  You can add your own pictures and ones you find on the internet.

We are taking an airplane trip to Arizona for Kris' Camp.
At the Airport
The morning of our trip we'll get up early and drive to the airport.
At the airport we'll talk to the ticket agent.  She puts tickets on our luggage to say where it is going.  We'll give her our big luggage to put in the cargo hold of the plane.  We'll take our little bags on the plane.
We will walk through security where we will take off our shoes.  The TSA agent will take our shoes and bags and look at them with X-ray!
Then we will wait for our plane.  There are fun things to do at the airport.
We will ride an escalator.  We can see planes out the window.  We can have a snack.
Getting on the Plane
Then it will be time to get on our plane.  Mom and Dad give our tickets to the person at the gate.
We will sit in special seats.  I must leave my seat belt fastened the whole time.
The flight attendant will tell us what to do and how to fasten our seat belts.
Riding in the Plane
When everything is ready, the plane will take off.
It will go faster and faster down the runway until it lifts into the air.
The plane will go up up up far into the air so that we can fly to Phoenix.  As the plane goes up my ears will feel funny.  I can chew gum or swallow to make them feel better.
The engines are very loud.  They make the plane go.
While I am on the plane, I can look out the window and see clouds below me!
We will eat a snack on the plane.
I can draw on a special desk that drops down in front of me.  I might watch a movie on our dvd player.
It is very important to keep my seat belt fastened and sit in my seat.
Finally we will get to the airport.  The plane will go down and down and then it will touch down and then the plane will stop.
When the plane stops, we wait for the flight attendant to tell us it's ok to unbuckle our seat belts.
We'll unbuckle and get off the plane.
At some airports we wait for our next plane.  But when we get to Phoenix, we'l go to the conveyor belt and get our luggage.  The conveyor belt goes around and around so people can find their luggage.
A bus will take us to our hotel.

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