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Sam's Autism Page and Social Stories
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    We finally realized WalMart was a sensorally overwhelming experience for Sam.  He felt the need just to run and jump and yell because of how much input he got--he needed to do those big motor things to deal with all the visual/noise junk he was getting. 
    Well, when we finally got wise, we realized that carrying heavy things, and having a task really helped Sam to focus.  It kept him from being so overwhelmed.  We used this social story on our last trip to Wally World, and got great results.  It told him where we were going, and gave him a checklist of things to find and put in the cart.  Sam only felt the need to run once, and was quickly back in control.  Not only that, we're teaching him what the purpose of going to WalMart is, not just avoiding the problem.









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