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Sam's Autism Page and Social Stories
Poop story
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This poop story is born out of desperation. We have been potty training Sam for over a year now, and the poop is just not happening. I read about someone doing a similar story board for their child with Barney, but we don't have a favorite character. So I bought a doll, chopped off her hair to make her more boyish, made some 'poop' out of very thick brownie mix (honest!), and LET'S GO:

My Poop Story


Sometimes I feel like I need to poop. It feels funny in my bottom.


So I go sit on the potty.


I go poop in the potty.


LOOK! There's my poop.


Now I flush the potty.


I have clean underwear. That's great!


I can go poop in the potty. That makes me feel HAPPY!!!

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